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Brandon Chin Lee

Permaculture Designer




Ian Aguilar

Permaculture Designer


Ian at FHsmall

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3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  • maria zambrano

    Thank you guys for coming to my class today at Firebaugh high school and thank you for the lovely gogi berry plant ( can’t wait for it to grow) I really hope the vision for Firebaugh works out and I would love to learn more about agriculture gardens and more

  • Penny phillips

    You have a great website!

    Are you still up for recording this weekend? Saturday morning or evening is good for me. How about for you?
    Also, would you have an hour or less to do an audio record before then ? I’ve been thinking about how we should begin. I’d really like to ask you about your motivation for starting the garden. Maybe we could begin with photos of you growing up in Compton. I’m fascinated by your idea of gardening being an act of defiance.
    Anyway, these are just a few ideas dancing around in my head.
    I hope you and Molly are having an really nice evening. I know the pasta will be excellent!