The LA Food Forest Meetup Group

The team here at LA Food Forest has decided to try as one way of organizing our collective permie action. You can find us there at this link….

LA Food Forest

Los Angeles, CA
73 Doer-makers

Urban gardeners of all levels are encouraged to join our group. We seek to share techniques, plants, food and experiences via a bimonthly meeting. We will have work parties wi…

Check out this Meetup Group →

This main site will still function as an informational hub, but the action arm of LAfoodforest will be organized through

We strive to meet at least once a month and sometimes twice. Our goal is to match the focus of our meetups to the timing of the seasons.

Spring: Plants + Planting

Summer: Plant care + Harvesting

Fall: Preservation + Cooking

Winter: Crafts + Designing + Pruning

Our locations move around LA depending on the availability of gardens and the changing possibilities available through new connections.

We are a mixture of gardeners from many walks and skill levels. I encourage all people who have even the teeniest urge to explore permaculture to come out and play in the garden with us. We will always do our best to create an environment where people feel free to learn, teach, and share.