Jobs at la Food Forest

Jobs at la Food Forest

We are looking for volunteers who love to assist with the following:

- proof reading of content on this website

- photography of plants

- drone photography and filming

- posting content to this website

- assistance in sharing our story

- link building


what we can give in return:

- free accommodation at la Vista Lodge

- free breakfast at la Vista Lodge

- cocktails or sundowners

- dinners on prior arrangements

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Doné Liversage on

Hi Axel,

We briefly chatted (I can’t recall if it was via FB Messenger or Instagram) not too long ago about our “neighbouring” food forests. How serendipitous! I was JUST going through your web content now and thought to myself to make contact with you about having your site proofread/edited. Then when I stumbled upon this “Jobs” page, there I saw you listed proofing as one of your needs!

I’m a wordsmith by trade, specializing in polishing online content. So if you still need someone to help you zhoosh up your website, feel free to give a shout.

Kindest regards,
(Ons Kosbos, George WC)

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