Rainwater Storage at la Food Forest

Rainwater Storage at la Food Forest

We do have 3 x 5000 Liter Rainwater Storage Tanks at the back of the house catching our roof water located higher than the food forest installed by our neigbours and friends from Plumbo Plumbing in Plettenberg Bay.

An additional 2 x 1000 Liter Rainwater Tanks collect water from the garage roof also installed by Plumbo.

Water from our Guest Car Parking is directed to the food forest

An additional 1000 Liter JoJo Tank collects water close to the top growing zone below the Guest Car Parking area.

Small natural reservoirs are catchment areas for extra capacity in dry periods.

Rainwater Taps have been extended to several areas of the Food Forest from our friendly neighbours at Plumbo Plumbing.

Total Rainwater Storage Capacity
at la Food Forest

 3 x 5000 Liter JoJo Tanks behind the House 15.000 Liter
 2 x 1000 Liter JoJo Tanks next to the Garage 2.000 Liter
1 x 1000 Liter JoJo Tank in the Food Forest 1.000 Liter
1 x Pond 1.500 Liter
Total Water Capacity 19.500 Liter Capacity

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