Passion Fruit Vine growing among our Vine Layer.

The initial expense of a trellis system is one that must be considered carefully. The structure has to support an immense weight, so it needs sturdy materials and construction techniques in order for the investment pay off later on down the road.

Passion Fruit

The purple granadilla, Passiflora edulis prefer a high relative humidity and well-distributed rainfall of not less than 1 200mm/year. In hot areas it should be planted on cool slopes while in cold regions they thrive best with ample irrigation to supplement low annual precipitation rates (irrigation can also assist plants growing on dry sites).

The average maximum monthly temperature within these zones must remain below 29°C but not less than 5 degrees Celsius allowed during winter months when temperatures dip lowest; however there are some cultivars that have been developed specifically for warmer climates so check before planting!

Growing passion fruit in Plett


Passion fruit Flower

Do Passion Fruit vines need pruning?

In order to keep your granadilla vine healthy and productive, pruning is an important part of the process.

This allows light and air into the inner parts that would otherwise be blocked by overgrown leaves or other growth on top; it discourages pests like aphids who love living in such dark places where they're difficult to see! Pruned vines also produce new branches which means more delicious fruit.

Passion fruit vine

Passion Fruit Flower Bud

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