A true Garden of Eden unfolds as highlight on the Garden Route

A secret place along the Garden Route with a message ready to be shared with the world. Somewhere far South in Africa there's a spectacular region called Garden Route! A sunny north-facing Garden Patch located on a corner-hilltop property in Plettenberg Bay with unbeatable bay views is being transformed into a true permaculture Food Garden during Covid.

The hidden gem is called La Food Forest as part of a 4 Star Lodge named La Vista Lodge. The very popular accommodation was impacted by the pandemic and is located in Eden District. Gardening became the new passion.

We initially started the 7 year Food Garden of Eden project in September 2019 (!) to reduce plastic consumption and grow more herbs. With Lockdowns planting and soil building made even more sense. We are now growing food for you true permaculture style in epic Plett Weather - A climate perfect for a self stable biodiverse beautiful food forest!

See how we do it
  • Sustainable and ethical food production

    We produce fresh, nutritious, and diverse food for the hotel's guests and staff. We are using organic and regenerative permaculture farming methods, reducing food miles, and supporting local producers.

  • Return to health and wellness

    We are growing a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and medicinal plants, which are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. The food forest can also offer a peaceful and meditative space for visitors to relax and connect with nature.

  • Beautiful and scenic location

    The unique location of La Vista Lodge and the food forest offers stunning views of the bay and a Mediterranean climate is perfect for growing a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Being surrounded by natural beauty and fresh air can contribute to a sense of well-being and rejuvenation.

  • Local and Seasonal Cuisine

    at La Vista Lodge we have a commitment to using local and seasonal ingredients in our cuisine. Our chef and staff uses the food forest to create delicious and creative dishes that highlight the flavors and ingredients of the Garden Route region.

  • Eco-Friendly and Educational

    eco-friendly and educational attraction for guests, showcasing the principles of permaculture and sustainable agriculture. Our food forest can offer visitors a unique learning experience, allowing them to connect with nature, learn about the local flora and fauna, and understand the importance of sustainable food production

  • Community Engagement

    We offer opportunities for local volunteers and organizations to get involved in food production, education, and outreach. We contribute to building stronger and more resilient communities, while also supporting local food security and food sovereignty initiatives.

Brief history

A seven year project that initially started in September 2019 just before the pandemic to grow more herbs, accelerated in 2020 to aim for a full scale food forest by 2026.

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We are following the design of 7 layers of food growing in our permaculture food forest.

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