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Is all food from the Garden?

We started growing food for guests in September 2019. We are looking to serve as much food from our own forest garden as possible. The transition to offer all food served from the garden takes more time! But be sure to spot a lot of healthy ingredients that grew below the pool on your plate.

What is the purpose of a food forest?

In order to maximize the amount of food that can be grown on the property, a food forest is designed to mimic a stable ecosystem and require less input over time.

Where does the forest come from next to the house?

La Vista Lodge is situated at a corner hilltop property with a northfacing slope where trees grew for decades from previous owners.

Can I stay and try the food?

Most definitely you are able to stay at the beautiful house in one of our 7 suites! Bring your friends and spend an unforgettable Garden Route Holiday in Plettenberg Bay at la Vista Lodge.

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