Our Vision for Plettenberg Bay and the World

Our Vision for Plettenberg Bay and the World


With our food forest project at la Vista Lodge overlooking the entire bay of Plettenberg Bay we are inspiring other establishments in South African tourism to grow more of their own food for staff and guests in South Africa and buy less imported, transported or processed food!

We‘ve mentioned plenty reasons why we are growing a food forest in the middle of an upmarket housing area of Plettenberg Bay.

South Africa is one of the richest countries in natural resources and one of the leading exporting country for fruits. Still many people can’t afford to buy their own food. And it’s not even complex to change it!

Simply build soil, save water, add seeds and african sun will magically create food in abundance between the shade of indigenous canopy trees.

In every crisis there is opportunity!

South Africa is a country full of opportunity! By 2026 South Africa can prosper with a new government that is not corrupt, with energy from the sun, and with permaculture. Planting trees and Food locally is part of the solution. 

Imagine a South Africa of local enthusiastic gardeners that join knowledge and forces and master the techniques to grow more food together and locally.

In 2026 not every South African will grow all food they need but everyone should know of people who do so and have food growing at their relatives!

When you teach your children how to take care of plants they will become smarter and take care of those fruit and vegetables and take care of their surroundings and eventually stop littering the planet!

What seems impossible is possible! Growing enough food to improve the standard of living in a country that exports food already like crazy and reducing the use of single use plastic aswell.

Respecting nature, accept and act accordingly to stop climate change.

It‘s already happening at other places around the world. Just look around you carefully! Community gardens supplying food for locals in a more ecofriendly way. An urban food revolution is taking place! It‘s happening but it takes time and visionary thinking.

Rainfall in South Africa in most regions is enough. There simply aren’t enough measures in place to direct or collect the rain.

We want to show the world that nature is what we care about most and become a more ecofriendly and sustainable tourism accommodation in the centre of Plettenberg Bay. We love our animals and the natural beauty of the Country! 

Plettenberg Bay is among the most beautifully located towns on planet Earth! This needs to be protected for our children and children‘s children.

More people are joining our vision to establish a food forest. While Plettenberg Bay will become the most amazing and inspiring town available - locally sourced food still internationally inspired.

A true garden of Eden in the Eden District!

A place of respect of diversity in nature and people!

Permaculture is the cure! Less then 50 years back huge parts of the cape were indigenous Forests stable systems against wild fires. Deforestation will be less if more people join to grow food with permaculture principles!

Who doesn’t like to spend a holiday in natural paradise with having a positive instead of a negative footprint on the Planet and conserve Plettenberg Bay for generations to come.

...until more Places realize that the true treasure of the world is it’s diversity!

A diverse system is stable and can handle catastrophic natural events more easily than monoculture!

„Our world is not divided by race, color, gender, or religion. Our world is divided into wise people and fools. And fools divide themselves by race, color, gender, or religion.“ - Mohammad Safa 

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Yes! Fantastic initiative well done! May it inspire more to do the same.

Gillian O Shea

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