About us - The Story of la Food Forest

La Food Forest is a 7 year project to establish a stable ecosystem from edible perennials at la Vista Lodge **** in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.
La is an old word which is defined as "Oh look!" An example of la used as an interjection is in the sentence, "La! What a beautiful food forest!" which means "Oh look! What a beautiful food forest!"
We are known for incredible views, attention to detail, lovely guest service & our growing efforts towards becoming an ecofriendly tourist attraction in the heart of South Africa’s Garden Route.

We offer delicious artisan baked goods as well as having our restaurant for guests positioned inside one of the most popular accommodation in Plettenberg Bay.

Covid-19 has impacted our business drastically just like most other businesses across South Africa and the rest of the world.

In an attempt to save the world our business, employees and set an example we decided to launch an online platform „lafoodforest“ whereby future holiday makers, garden and garden route lovers and supporters can order mainly edible plants online for us to grow and follow our way out of this tourism crisis while our local team of employees takes care of the plants.
We hope to have all of you as future guests when this crisis is over and a more beautiful food forest then ever before producing food also for you as a guest. 
We are looking forward to offer our boutique personalized service that you won’t forget!

Why not approach a crazy problem of our time with a crazy idea? Donate some Cape gooseberries from our online shop that we can plant and eat the berries during your next holiday!

God bless you for your support!
Owner - La Vista Lodge
Founder - La Food Forest

Steward - La Food Forest
Manager - La Vista Lodge