Why we are Saving Seeds

Why we are Saving Seeds

Seed saving can be a great way to ensure you have the best plants for your garden. By growing them themselves, people are more likely than ever before in history to care about what they're planting and when it needs water or nutrients-which means those seeds will germinate faster after being planted correctly!

Finding someone with similar gardening goals as yourself could even make trading seeds easier since both of you would want healthy crops at season's end.

Seeds saved

Your garden is now the source of free plants! You can save money by getting them from your own backyard and be proud that you’re creating something yourself.

Not only will these freshly grown ingredients grow stronger than anything purchased at stores, but when taking cuttings or runners to reuse in other areas – like growing more tomatoes on tooltips while saving seeds for seedlings - you'll get an even better result because they have already adapted themselves specifically towards microclimates similar as yours (including soil moisture levels).

Read 40 Reasons to save seeds

Seeds we saved from our own Crops.

1) Garden Peas
2) Pepino Melon
3) Rocket/Arugula
4) Chilli
5) Tomatillo White
6) Tomatillo Purple
7) Tomatillo Medium
8) Roma Tomatoes
9) Cherry Tomatoes
10) Roma/Mixed Tomatoes
11) Baby Spinach
12) Climbing Beans
13) Bush Beans
14) Coriander
15) Fennel
16) Mustard

 Peas Seeds


Saving seeds


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