La Food Forest becomes official supporter of RISE UP for the ocean!

La Food Forest becomes official supporter of RISE UP for the ocean!

Our ocean is in deep crisis.

From the deep sea, to coastal waters or the furthest reaches of the icy polar oceans, our damaging footprints are everywhere. We need to defend the ocean’s capacity to produce oxygen, sequester carbon and provide food and livelihoods for billions of people.

We need to RISE UP!

RISE UP for the Ocean

There’s no time to lose. Scientists warn we have until 2030 to take action to stop us crossing the 1.5C degree warming danger-line. The choices we make now are critical for the health of our ocean and our own future. 2020 is the year the world’s governments must agree to unprecedented, bold and fair actions that will set the ocean on a course to recovery by 2030. 2020 is when we need to RISE UP and build a strong united wave of action.

We joined the RISE UP initiative to restore ocean life and our application has been accepted!

“Many thanks for the request for your organisation to sign-onto RISE UP. I can confirm that you are now part of RISE UP and we will update our website shortly to include your sign-on.

We will keep you updated every month on further RISE UP news through our monthly RISE UPdate. We will also be sending out in the coming days a survey to RISE UP signees to find out your ideas on how best we can make RISE UP successful. Thanks again for your support!

Kind regards,

Nathalie Rey

Ocean Unite on behalf of the RISE UP secretariat”

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