Successfully stabilising a once subsiding house in Plettenberg Bay

Successfully stabilising a once subsiding house in Plettenberg Bay

Those who came first to Plettenberg Bay took the best spots. Back in 2010 when I was 30 years I thought what may go wrong with a property that has an everchanging view when I decided to purchase the property that was a heavenly 4 Star Bed and Breakfast and was planning to keep it for 20+ years or longer. Just a few years after one of Plett´s main attraction for guests was entirely washed away by a historic flood event: Lookout Beach.

For years I never documented the struggles that came with the house that has the best view in Plettenberg Bay. There may be even rumours that the house may collapse but it hasn´t and it doesn´t look like it will collapse after we succesfully stabilized it´s foundation in 2017.

2019 - Finally time for the garden. Start of the Food Forest Project to grow food for guests and staff and establish a more evenly moist northfacing slope below the house.

In 2017 Foundation stabilisation of the house with ground ankers into bed rock below the house.


Foundation Support

Foundation Support

Foundation Repair

July 2016 - Soil investigation with bore holes

Soil investigation in Plettenberg Bay

2012 and 2014 Cosmetic repairs to the house to deal with cracks.

April 2010 - Purchase of the property.

I bought the house in April 2010. Not much later to find out that it had developed cracks. I was advised to do soil tests but there is not much to worry as it is a common in Plettenberg Bay for houses to have some sort of cracking, especially if they were built on clay soil and have been altered throughout the years.

2004 - The house was extended in size.

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