The Best View in Plettenberg Bay

The Best View in Plettenberg Bay

Plettenberg Bay Sunrise

In Plettenberg Bay it’s all about the View!

The House at Rosheen Crescent 17
is called la Vista Lodge.

La Vista means the View or the Sight - for a reason.

The location is unique in the world.
90m above sea level on a corner hilltop Spot with an uninterrupted view of the lagoon side of Plettenberg Bay.

A place flooded with Tourists year by year came fo a full stop because of Covid-19 right after it had its best month ever.


Our view is everchanging and hard to describe ...

Sea View

Accommodation with Seaview in Plettenberg Bay

Lagoon View

High tide and low tide change the scene throughout the day. Most of the weather comes from behind the house from the west. That’s why the entire scene can change within one minute and you can spot entire weather patterns changing from the comfort of your home away from home.

Keurbooms Lagoon View

Lookout Beach and Lagoon
Lagoon View from Lagoon Suite at la Vista Lodge

Epic Sunrises

The sun rises from far left above peak Formosa in June and checks every mountain top between March and October to a rise far right above Lookout Beach in December. Winter sunrises are the best! The pink and purple Color Show can go on for 3 hours and literally everything you see can turn red or even pink! And we say everything!

Sunrise from la Vista Lodge in Plettenberg Bay

How? Sunrays paint the sky different every morning, the sky reflects on the sea and the lagoon and the mirrors in the house... you get it! It’s magic!

Sunrise from la Vista Lodge ****

Plettenberg Bay Sunrise


Moon Rise

Once a month we get the chance to view a full moon rise above the bay


Plettenberg Bay at night

Moonrise above the ocean in Plettenberg Bay



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