Why we are growing a Food Forest in Plettenberg Bay.

Why we are growing a Food Forest in Plettenberg Bay.

Benefits of our Urban Food Forest:

  • planting in seven different layers to use maximum space horizontal and vertically.

    1. canopy Layer (tallest Tree)
    2. subcanopy (apples, oranges,...)
    3. bushes
    4. herbaceous layer
    5. root layer (ginger, potatoes,...)
    6. ground Cover (Thick Mulch)
    7. climbers (passion Fruit, vines)
  • Creating Jobs (Gardening, Harvesting, Cooking, Trimming, Blogging, Teaching)

  • Keeping Jobs in Off-Season (!) when there are less Dinners. Planting food for season. Making dishes for staff from homegrown food > more vitamins > less sick days.

  • Saving Water by mimicking natural forest

  • Year by year having less work
    ++ Larger Plants give shade
    ++ Worms build channels in soil for drainage
  • plant more and big varieties: Stronger plants will survive
  • Saving money (Less shopping)
    Growing from seeds (very cheap) Buy a pack of tomatoe seeds.
    • does take only a little time. Huge harvests already in 2-3 years!!
  • Having higher quality homegrown food: Better taste! More Vitamins!
  • Perennial harvesting (it comes back every year and gives food year by year)Strawberries
  • Harvesting 10+ different crops at any time providing food the entire year with Medium sized plants and massive variety.
  • Diversified plants make the system Independent to Natural desasters compared to Mono culture.
  • Providing Habitat for insects and animals = more bird noise and Sound of Nature and less to no N2 traffic noise 
  • Independent from buying Fertilizer by using Chop and drop Method. Chop fresh new small branches and drop on ground as Mulch (will decompose over time)
  • plan to add more than 100 different kinds of edible plants in 2020
  • peach trees were some of the most planted trees in South Africa before 1900
  • keeping fruit trees small in size lets us use more space while increasing variety
  • at a later stage also involve community from children to educate on growing sutainable gardens , becoming independent from shops and giving away goods and seedlings to neighbors and staff.
  • holiday makers can enjoy a „garden of eden“ in the „eden district“.

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