Sustainable whale watching in Plettenberg Bay

Sustainable whale watching in Plettenberg Bay

Educate the people

photo by: Sharyn Hodges Photography

Whale watching regulations started in 1998 in South Africa. You can get within 50 meters with whales and 25 meters with dolphins. Don’t chase the animal. Use a slow speed. You have to hold a government permit to legally operate and advertise.

Only stay 20 minutes at an encounter.

The southern right whales migrate to our coastline in winter.

Is whale watching industry sustainable ? 

The speed of approach on animals is important! A parallel slow approach is important and has less impact on the animals.

Humpback Dolphins are in danger and the distance should be 50 meters away that the animals are less disturbed. 

Tourists want to come as close to the animals as possible. In order to maintain customer satisfaction it is important to understand that it is important to not come too close to the animals and do not disturb the animals. And to be environmentally conscious operator.

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