Top 10 places to explore in Plettenberg Bay

Top 10 places to explore in Plettenberg Bay

Explore Plett at your own pace 

Plettenberg bay is a small town located in the centre of the renowned Garden Route. With great accommodation, top-class restaurants, and countless activities for the adrenaline junkies and for the family travellers. It is also a great place to explore at your own pace, especially while travelling up the Garden Route. But what do you do? What should you see? These are our top 10 places to explore:

Top 10 places to explore in Plettenberg Bay

The Beaches

Plett is gifted with some of the most beautiful beaches in our country. With sandy beaches that stretch along the coast and into the lagoon. And hosting six blue flag beaches. Having six in such close proximity is rare and should be taken advantage of. Robberg 5 and the Lookout beaches are the most popular and should be explored! The picture above was taken on Plett Main Beach.


Bird Watching

With the Tsitsikamma forest edging on the outskirts of Plett, there are many unique and wonderful birds to be seen. Many of which are indigenous and endangered. 57 of South Africa’s endemic bird species are found in the Plettenberg Bay area. Remember to always be courteous and follow the correct etiquette when bird watching.


The Culture and Heritage

Plettenberg bay has been around for decades. Originally inhabited by locals in caves due to the large fish supplies in the area, and later by the Settlers who used the area as a fishing/ whaling station.

However, Plettenberg bay is often looked at as innovative when it comes to culture and heritage. It has many new restaurants and houses with modern designs. But with that Modern touch comes a story. For example, the Beacon Hotel is placed on a rock that used to be the whaling station at Plettenberg bay. If you walk along the coast you will be taken back further in time by exploring the caves where people lived over 125 000 years ago.


Robberg Nature Reserve Hiking Trails

Robberg Nature Reserve is a coastal reserve just outside of Plettenberg Bay. Home to African Penguins, Cape Fur Seals, and many other sea and land creatures; it is a great place to explore. It has many hiking trails along the coast and coastal cliffs providing you with breathtaking views.


The Plett Lagoon

The Plettenberg Bay lagoon is a rich ecosystem home to many sea creatures including dolphins. The best way to explore this ecosystem is via a Canoe. Canoeing in the Lagoon and estuary systems is fun and a great work out. And if you’re lucky, you may come across some dolphins!


Mountain Biking

As mentioned before, Plett borders on the Tsitsikamma forest. This creates a magnificent landscape great for hiking and for Mountain Biking. With many trails and road routes, this is a place you want to bring your bike. Whether its Petrus-se-brand trail or Harkerville Forest trails, there is always somewhere to ride. And many great places to stop for coffee afterwards!


Mungo Mill

Mungo Mill is a weaving mill in Plett that practices the arts of weaving. With new and old equipment you can see how the industry was pre the industrial revolution. They offer guided tours every Saturday, where you can learn more about the mill and its processes.


A Penguin Release

Now, who doesn’t love to watch a penguin waddle across the beach towards the sea? What is even better is watching a penguin being freed! Many African penguins are hurt each year through oil spills, fishing nets, boat accidents, and plastic litter. These penguins are taken to the Tenikwa Wildlife Rehabilitation and Awareness Centre where they are nursed back to health. Once ready they are released back into the sea to live a happy life. It is a great opportunity to witness something unique!


A Plett Picnic

Robberg Nature Reserve - Picnic SpotWith so many great beaches, hikes, and nature reserves, you are probably wondering about a picnic. And a great idea! There are many great spots where you can have a picnic and you should. Be it a romantic or great time with the family, A picnic is the way to go! Please ensure you follow the Reserve/ Area guidelines and ensure to pick up your litter!


Shark Spotting

According to Discovery Channel, Robberg is one of the best places in the world to go Shark Spotting from the land. With the area hosting many species of sharks, the most commonly seen is the Great White Shark. This shark inhabits the area preying on Cape Fur Seals. Robberg is a great place to view them without getting up close and personal.

Plettenberg Bay is a great area and is a popular tourist destination that should not be missed. Book a car hire and explore the area at your own pace. Try to tick off some or all of my top 10 places to explore, and I can assure you that you will have a great trip

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