The Secret La Food Forest Masterplan to save the World

The Secret La Food Forest Masterplan to save the World

Background: My day job is baking delicious christmas Lebkuchencookies and artisan gingerbread at Fränkische Lebküchnerei in Kitzingen (Germany) and luckily christmas is seasonal and has a long tradition.

But on the side I am the owner of La Vista Lodge **** La Vista Lodgeand help formulate the business and product strategy with Ade, Amos and the rest of the team. We are working hard to succeed the incredible view with everything else at the lodge. Those who came first to Plettenberg Bay took the best (view) spots! The core of the house is older than 50 years with many alterations from several previous owners and little documentation of changes.

I have also been La Vista Lodge´s primary funding source from when the company was sold by Mr. Kopp without him to disclose hidden defects of the Lodge back in 2010. I was young and thought what could go wrong with this view?

Instead of giving up we undertook huge structural repairs to the house for stabilisation and to make sure guests can enjoy the time of their life’s. Guests always loved this place, it’s location and it’s food.

Billions of People are working to save money to spend on their holiday each year. Plett is an ever growing global leading holiday dream destination in South Africa and it’s natural beauty needs to be conserved for generations to come!

When travel was forbidden since March 2020 in South Africa during the pandemic we realized that everyone only shops what they need and the already vulnerable system is stressed to the max. Tourism is one of the main contributer to GDP and a job creator!

So, in short, the master plan is:

  1. Build soil to grow food at la Vista Lodge
  2. Use that food locally for staff and guests and the children of our next generation
  3. Staff and Guests are happy, recommend and return
  4. While doing above, and leading by example in tourism repeating the same for 7 years until the world is a better place
  5. enough people are inspired to grow their food with permaculture principles and sponsor the idea while wearing our cool outfits.
  6. Enough funds from loyal guests and contributors to either maintain or rebuild a smaller house with a view of a world worth saving and a real established urban foodforest!
  7. namely la Food Forest!

Don't tell anyone. We don’t save the world alone but you can join and contribute or comment what you do to save the world! We already inspire SA tourism establishments to grown their own food. Let’s see where this is growing towards.

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