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La Vista Lodge - Plettenberg Bay

la Food Forest: Creating Sustainable Living

Situated along the widely popular Garden Route, in the seaside town of Plettenberg Bay, is our stunning 4-star lodge, la Vista. From our position on a steep ridge, our lodge boasts magnificent views of the expansive ocean and lagoon that is sure to leave anyone who beholds it breathless. However, the sights don’t only stop there but continue through to our comfortable, spacious, and luxuriously appointed suites that offer views of the ocean, lagoon, garden, and TsitsikammaMountains!

With us, our guests experience more than just picturesque scenery and luxury suites. Here we have a love and desire to deliver good, tasty meals, and do so by sourcing organic and wholesome ingredients from our very own permaculture food forest. “What is a permaculture food forest?” you ask. It is an imitation of a real forest, but one that we fill with carefully chosen plants that complement each other well to grow fresh produce. It is a sustainable way of living and producing foods the true way of the future!

We have a bright future in mind for our la Food Forest. Our vision is to be an inspiration to others to use our lush country’s plentiful natural resources and be our own provider of food! This initiative has introduced us to many new opportunities – empowering staff with new skills, eliminating harmful pesticides and chemicals from our foods, and creating a habitat that’ll become self-sustaining. Earth is the only planet we are ever going to get and it is our responsibility to take care of it by reducing our carbon footprint and put a stop to climate change!

We started our edible permaculture journey in September 2019 and have already seen great results in this first year. Already we’ve been able to produce infused honeys, jams, cordials, and fresh greens, veggies, and fruits. As our food forest flourishes, we plan to gradually plant more seeds – continually incorporating as much of our vegetation in the daily meals served in our la Vista Restaurant. We want guests to fall as much in love with food as we have and therefore strive to create unforgettable dining experiences. We look forward to the next year in our 7-year plan in producing healthy homegrown foods for our guests and staff, and changing the world with sustainable permaculture gardening practices!

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La Vista Lodge - Plettenberg Bay