A Good Story

A 7 year project for a better world

it all began in Africa. First Trip to South Africa in 2003 with my 2 cousins backpacking from Cape Town along the Coast via Plettenberg Bay, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Drakensberg and Pretoria. Knowing to return to this beautiful country again sooner than later.

Studied in Port Elizabeth in 2005 and 2008. Purchased a property on the Market in 2010 at Rosheen Crescent 17 knowing it will be a long journey keeping it.

A 4 Star Lodge was run for many years from 2014-2016 until the Managers left to a luxury travel company. Another Change of Management from 2016-2018 and another change of Management in 2018 to our current Partner Adé Alao.

In September 2019 we decided to grow more food. Plant more herbs and reduce our plastic waste at the Lodge towards a goal of Zero Waste.

Purchase of plants in March 2020 during LockdownSA.

Planting Food

A stable ecosystem from edible perennials at la Vista Lodge **** in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa is what we are trying to achieve within 7 years.

What a beautiful food forest

La is an old word which is defined as "Oh look!" An example of la used as an interjection is in the sentence, "La! What a beautiful food forest!" which means "Oh look! What a beautiful food forest!"

Influenced from the past

admired the Gardening skills and Flower Patch of my Grandfather in Ederheim :) Germany.
always admired the Flower Patch of my Grand Dad for