Exploring Plettenberg Bay

Exploring Plettenberg Bay

Welcome to Plettenberg Bay! Our stunning coastal paradise is a premium holiday destination along the beloved Garden Route, boasting magnificent sights of forests, lagoons, beaches, and the warm Indian Ocean. Plettenberg Bay was first named Bahia Formosa, meaning “beautiful bay”, by early Portuguese settlers – and what a beautiful bay it is! However, not only does Plett captivate you with sweeping scenic views, there’s plenty of activities to do that’ll make you want to stay for days on end. Here are some of our top picks for leisure activities, must-see sights, and adrenaline-inducing adventures all within a 25km radius of la Vista Lodge.

Nature & Wildlife

Swimming With Seals:

What sounds more fun and exciting like snorkelling with seals playfully whipping and winding all around you? Not much really. A short but exhilarating boat ride to the RobbergPeninsula, home to the Cape fur seal colony, takes you straight to these adorable sea puppies. This experience is absolutely surreal and a definite must-do!

Sea kayaking & dolphin discovery:

Picture this: you’re leisurely paddling your kayak in ocean with pods of dolphins popping up alongside you. You have 360 views of the beautiful bay, town, and mountains in the distance. This is where memories are made. Enjoy this guided tour as you get up close and personal with our world’s majestic marine life.


Plett is known for being home to some of South Africa’s most beautiful beaches. Taking a day to unwind on these pristine sandy beaches and viewing the picturesque Indian Ocean coastline will not disappoint. Beaches aren’t just for lounging; there can be plenty for visitors can do. Some of the beaches have lagoon areas for children to play in, while others are perfect spots for you to try your hand at surfing, bodyboarding, jet skiing and more!


Sights & Landmarks

Robberg Nature Reserve:

Possibly one of Plettenberg Bay’s most popular attractions is the widely known Robberg Nature Reserve. Only a 10-minute drive away from la Vista Lodge, this national monument and World Heritage Site invites you to explore its breathtakingfauna, flora, and prehistoric rocks. There are many hiking and walking trails for you to explore, whale and bird watching to partake in, and viewing decks that are perfect for relaxing picnics while taking in the exquisite sight before you. A trip to Robberg Nature Reserve is truly an iconic and unforgettable experience.


Van Plettenberg Beacon:

Van Plettenberg Beacon, erected in 1778, tells the story of how Plettenberg Bay got its name changed from Bahia Formosa after being discovered by Joachim Baron van Plettenberg. This historic monument is still standing almost 300 years later and is just a 5-minute drive from our luxurious lodge.


Action & Adventure


Is a holiday really a holiday if there’s not some heart-pounding adventures thrown in there? Kicking the adrenalin levels up a notch, your abseiling adventure awaits! Abseiling is an adventure sport that involves the use of a specialist rope to navigate down terrain that is impossible to travel downotherwise. Rappel down cliff faces and into the riverbeds while taking in the beautiful lush surrounds of the indigenous forests of Plettenberg Bay.

Canyoning/ Kloofing:

Plettenberg Bay is beaconing the true adventurer with this next thrilling experience – Canyoning. Canyoning, or ‘Kloofing’ as the locals call it, is essentially taking abseiling to the next level.  Enjoy a canyoning trip where you abseil in and around waterfalls, jumping and swimming in the natural rock pools as well as exploring shallow rivers. This excursion is challenging, exciting, and promises unforgettable memories!

Tsitsikamma Zip Lining:

Next up is Zip Lining! How does it sound being suspended on a cable many meters above the forest floor zipping from platform to platform in the beautiful untamed wilderness of Tsitsikamma. Sounds pretty great to us! Delight in this tree-top adventure surrounded by the striking forest with nature bustling all around you.


There you have it! These are some of our favourite activities and must-see sights. We encourage you to venture out, discover and explore all that our lovely Plettenberg Bay has to offer!


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